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Catching customers with Pokémon Go
Pokemon Gym

Catching customers with Pokémon Go

By Zvi Goldfarb

It’s a nice Saturday morning in your local park. People are out in the masses, looking through their phones for something special. What are they trying to get? Maybe a Ditto or Dragonair — those are rare ones. Catching a Pokémon like that would equal a successful Pokémon Go day.

Needless to say, augmented reality (AR) is here. And, seeing that Nintendo made $7.5 billion off it in just a few days, it’s clear augmented reality is big.

Capable of bringing digital information to your environment in real-time, augmented reality is simply incredible. The technology itself has been around for years, but with the arrival of Pokémon Go, the potential of AR is being unleashed in the mainstream, and it’s not just consumers who will reap the benefits. Here are four exciting things happening with Pokémon Go in the business world that you might have missed.

  1. Beeline Georgia catches new customers with a Pokémon Go campaign

Beeline Georgia has launched an innovative campaign that integrates Pokémon Go into its marketing initiatives. The company has created Pokémon Go events in order to drive traffic to its stores and online sites. Beeline has even held Pokémon Go gatherings with a Lure Module at one of its stores in Tbilisi. The results of this idea have been tremendous. Facebook interactions have reached all-time highs, and customers picked up special, promotional data packages to encourage participation. Talking about the event’s success, Business Excellence Manager for Beeline Georgia Mariam Kopadze said:

“Pokemon Hunting Day was an ideal platform for us to showcase our vision to unlock opportunities for our customers in the digital world.”

- Mariam Kopadze -

Pokemon Go in Georgia

  1. Ukraine joins in the Pokémon Go craze with free data

Pokémon Go madness has captured the hearts of the entire world. Ukraine is an amazing example of just how popular this augmented reality game is proving to be. A prime example of the Pokémon Go craze in Ukraine is a free data promotion offered by Kyivstar. This promotion gives users special data access to Pokémon Go, encouraging customers to experiment with mobile data and upgrade to new tariffs – and having some fun at the same time.

People are using Pokemon Go more than Instagram

  1. Tech companies employ Pokémon-catching drones to drive business

Snatching Pokémon characters usually requires walking — a lot. Well, despite a crackdown on cheaters by the app’s makers, some are still finding a way to get around this. Drone makers have capitalized on users’need to beat the rest. Tech brand TRNDlabs, for instance, has customized its drones so that the devices can be specifically deployed to find Pokémon. This helps users avoid having to go into hazardous places to snag that precious Pokémon, like the middle of the street, or in the water. It will be interesting to see how other tech devices start to be used — and marketed — for Pokémon Go, and how Niantic will manage to stay ahead.

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Pokédrone allows Pokémon Go users to catch out-of-reach species
  1. Pokémon Go tours come to Nashville, USA

Even the tourism industry is getting in on the action. In Nashville, for instance, Joyride Nashville, a golf cart shuttle service in the famous music town, has begun offering Pokémon Go rides to famous landmarks in town. Riders travel from site to site within the downtown area, all in an effort to capture Pokémon. This has resulted in increased revenue for the business overnight.

What other opportunities will AR bring to businesses?


  1. James Murray
    Posted 1 year ago - 0 reply

    Great article Zvi, it’s easy to ignore these types of trends. The gears in my brain are starting to crank a little as I think about the ramifications.